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Lecz o czwartej straży nocnej przyszedł do nich, krocząc po jeziorze. Na to odezwał się Piotr: Panie, jeśli to Ty jesteś, każ mi przyjść do siebie po wodzie! Piotr wyszedł z łodzi, i krocząc po wodzie, przyszedł do Jezusa.

Mller also operated a doll hospital, doll mark P & N Doll Company, dates unknown (country unknown), made celluloid black baby dolls, some dolls are wearing ethnic or exotic jewelry; earrings and necklace, some dolls wear a grass skirt, doll mark P & N with a dragonfly symbol.Abt & Franke 1865-1922 (Prussia), made small celluloid with kid body dolls, dressed in a christening gown, Baby dolls that came in baskets, pillows and suitcases that also came with a trousseaux, all of very good quality, doll mark Anili Doll Company 1948-1986 (Italy), Anili is the daughter of Elena Scavini of Lenci, Anili is best known for their felt Lenci like cloth dolls, however they also made celluloid mask face dolls, dolls are marked with a circular paper tag, a Betty Walker & Billy Walker dolls 1923 (GER & USA), unknown doll maker, celluloid dolls which a child puts their fingers into to boy and makes the dolls walk, doll mark U. Pat MAY, 30, 1922 GERMANY, copyright by Alma Vogt 1923.Wilhelm Buschow 1896-1929 (GER), factory made celluloid (Schildkrote), rubber dolls, trademark Mein Herzenskind (My Sweetheart) used Simon & Halbig doll mold 126, Armand Marseille doll mold 342, 370, 410, 990. M Luthardt 1868-1938 (GER), Lederpupenfabrik und Export = Factory and Exporter of leather dolls, also dolls made of bisque, China, celluloid, composition heads on leather, cloth or felt and composition bodies.Celluloid dolls are made from cellulose nitrate, alcohol, fillers and camphor pigments.Celluloid dolls were made in: Bavaria, England, France, Japan, Germany, Italy (dolls from Germany were sent to Italy for the face to be painted), Poland, Spain and the USA.Early dolls had a celluloid head and limbs or partial limbs with a cloth stuffed body, this celluloid material is rather fragile.