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Once I got invitation to try Yansoon Restaurant Iftar menu in Ras Al Khaimah.There we go, that was one good reason to cross the invisible borders of RAK emirates. For me it’s somewhat hard to decide where to eat when going to new places, so we often end up to most obvious ones, like those in 5 star hotels. Who knew how beautiful creek or corniche area there is in RAK. Today I am in kitchen with Lebanese Chef Leba Joseph Makhoul of Yansoon restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah.I asked few questions while we made some delicious mana’esh with guidance of chef Leba. When I attended the Ecole d’Hoteliere in Beirut, I found myself enormously enjoying my training experience, which only deepened my passion for food. WE HAVE PLENTY OF LEVANTINE AND LEBANESE RESTAURANTS IN UAE. When the restaurant gets the cold mezza (the hummus, vine leaves or tabbouleh) right, they’re serving good Lebanese cuisine. For the perfect tabbouleh, take time in finely chopping the herbs. Here’s top chart of Lebanese food from Yansoon’s menu all around year, except special Ramadan drinks.I must say that my cheese nabulsi and zaatar man’ousheh was pretty good and I was able to manouver the baker’s peel, that wooden shovel looking thing you need to put your bread in stone oven. I also was in love with the image of the chef wearing whites and wielding a knife! WHEN NOT IN YANSOON KITCHEN WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR IFTAR OR SUHOOR? Japanese BEST TIP FOR NOVICE HOME COOK WHO WANTS TO PREPARE LEBANESE STYLE HUMMUS OR TABBOULEH? For hummus, use dried chickpeas and soak it yourself. At Ramadan Yansoon has classic Lebanese buffet 85 AED per person.As for the sex scene, there’s nothing to see: just legs, the hint of a breast and a naked back.The genitals were blurred, just as censors had requested." We still don’t know the real reason behind this decision. All I know is that the head of the censoring body was replaced and that his successor withdrew the authorisation.

I am an actress before being the daughter of an MP.

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Soon we start to realize differences between Levant cuisines: Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian, Turkish and Iraqi followed by more Arabic foods but from North Africa: Egyptian and Moroccan moving to Persian kitchen and many more.

I am shamed to admit I haven’t explored six other Emirates in past 13 years as much as I should have, so I have recently made promise to myself to explore all of the Emirates.