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Here was the premise (and you can see the scene at the bottom of this post): Laurie and Louie, in their matching leather jackets, were set up on a date against both of their wills.

I can just see it: FX throws over the infantalizing “Anger Management” and gives “Louie” the partner it deserves, another show about a prickly curmudgeon given to doing uncomfortable, surreal, too honest, sometimes horrible things.Let's find out along with more facts about Melissa and her family!The beautiful American actress Melissa Leo has been an inspiration to many.Over the course of last night’s episode, Laurie called Louie a faggot, sexually pressured him, physically assaulted him, and blamed all of the failures in the world on Obama — but in such a likable, perverted, unabashedly straightforward way that I am now hoping “Laurie” (and it’s no coincidence Leo’s character’s name is almost a homophone for C.K.’s) will one day pair with “Louie” to make for a very special night of television.The latter plays Eli, a piano prodigy who needs to check Penny (Leo), his drug-addict mom, into a rehab facility, audition for a spot in a top-level Boston conservatory, pick up his little sister from school and go after the girl of his dreams amid a Revolutionary War reenactment, all on the same day. chip in with funny, stereotype-defying roles as an inept and ultimately sympathetic pair of criminals.)What I loved about Leo’s work with Eisenberg is that they resist the easy clichés of the situation.