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These three vibrators from Svakom don’t deserve my praise nor my wrath… I’ll admit, I was geeked to get the Gaga because who doesn’t want to make videos of their vagina? Then, after you make the first video, it kind of loses its appeal. It’s that dreaded, “I don’t love them or hate them” scenario, which makes it hard for me to write about them.

They just didn’t do much for me and I think they’re kind of expensive for what they ultimately are. I was thrilled to get this thing because I wanted to make a vagcam video in the worst way.

And here’s something even more exciting we can do with our smartphones: control our sex toys!

Yes, certain sex toys come with apps that allow us to kick those toys into pleasure overdrive — we’re talking special vibration patterns, created from the rhythms of your partner’s voice or the beat of your favorite song — with the tap of a button.

I did some kegels during my video and it was pretty cool to see the internal contractions but I really have no interest in doing it again.

If you do want to get this thing for making vagcam videos, you’ll want to get a clear speculum as well otherwise, all you’re gonna see is a pink blur.

The more unique the head size, the less chance it actually has attachment you would want.

If you already know you want attachments, this is definitely something to look into carefully before making your final decision!

If a cord is a problem, make sure you read the description carefully- some manufacturers are a little deceptive that their wands aren't wireless! but new manufacturers were smart and copied the size of the wand's head.Our phones are loaded with apps that let us do just about anything.We can track when we’re ovulating, turn our photos into works of art, and entertain ourselves with half a dozen games.It'll stimulate his entire penis and make him extrahard.During oral, hold the side of your vibe against your cheek as you take him in and out.Turn it up full throttle (the shaft of a guy's penis isn't so sensitive, so he can handle it).