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We’d be interested to hear what other nonprofits think about this idea: Does this model serve as a beneficial networking tool for nonprofits?

Does recruiting volunteers face-to-face make a significant difference over recruiting volunteers online?

Matthew Downey of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy also hosted a seminar session, in which the group spoke about ethical dilemmas, fundraising duties, and other issues and responsibilities involved with serving on a board.

These “speed networking” events are increasingly becoming popular as a thoughtful way for organizations to collaborate on resources and bring in new volunteers.

Fifteen nonprofits in the Sacramento area collaborated to hold a “Speed Matching” event for individuals looking to volunteer in the community, based on the classic “speed dating” or “speed networking” model.

This unique event provides a wealth of type 1 and type 2 diabetes information under one roof, giving you the chance to learn more about your diabetes.

The aim is to support a pro-active approach to good self-management skills and subsequently improve quality of life.

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