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Chen says that the cogs of America rely increasingly on “performance reviews,” synthesized by “data-gathering technologies.” He cites behavior tracking apps, marketing algorithms, and online review forums as just a few examples.

Such technologies, or “models,” have obvious flaws: namely reinforcing a sense of supremacy among certain groups.

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In a great piece called “Meritocracy Is Exhausting,” from The Atlantic (ht DT), Victor Tan Chen explains how a society built on reward can be not only tiresome but also inescapable.

HISTORY) Introduction: When you speak of dangerous black enforcers/hit men, people often name Wayne "Silkk" Perry as the most dangerous hit man in history. This contract killer is alleged to have killed 300 people. He was usually flown in by clients (all expenses paid) to execute the intended target.

Law enforcement didn't instill fear in Wheeler, on one occasion, he tried to run them off the road.

Even if models could be perfected, what does it mean to live in a culture that defers to data, that sorts and judges with unrelenting, unforgiving precision?

This is a mentality that stems from Americans’ unabiding faith in meritocracy, that the most-talented and hardest-working should—and will—rise to the top.