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Joins Daytona Beach Campus Research Park\'s Mica Plex Date: 7/12/2017The newest Tenant Partner in the Mica Plex is a Florida-based small business developing clean energy batteries, fuel cells, and solar panels for the military, aviation, utility, and transportation industries, including motorsports.

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Queensland Police Service For information on scams, and examples of fake documentation - Crime/scams/Nigerian_To report an advance fee fraud: Crime/scams/To talk to the QPS fraud squad, or to enquire about the Victims of Fraud support group call: (07) 3364 6622 (This service is offered nationwide).

The victims then received a request for funds to be sent to customs or immigration to ensure they received the gifts, reports suggest.

However, the accounts for customs and immigration were in fact fake, the scammers using them to receive the funds before disappearing with the money.

His squad actively disrupts scammers by identifying and contacting potential victims who are sending huge sums of money overseas. JENNY BROCKIE: And why was he saying he couldn't pay that money? BILL: When my wife passed away and my two children were grown, I found that society had changed and accepted those who were gay into society far than what they used to when I was a young person.

He says often the victims they contact are shocked and don’t believe that they are being scammed. JENNY: First of all his money had been delayed and then because of the delay, the project had gone a bit south so he needed money to make up for the fact that things had gone wrong because he hadn't had the money in the first place. Tracee, you thought you'd met this man who you thought was an American Australian soldier through a dating website called Are You Interested? JENNY BROCKIE: Now after about five weeks he told you he'd found gold in Afghanistan? He said that he'd found 125 kilos of gold bullion and he had hidden it. I’d seen that that was my opportunity to live what rest of my life I had the way that I was intended and it was only a short time that the, my posting had been done that I got this reply which came from a US army sergeant in, in the Middle East.